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          How We Seek To Help Churches In Conflict
    Why A "Learning To Live At Peace" Seminar
          A Proposal For Colleges and Seminaries
      I have waited until now to activate the “Services” tab on this web-site. I wanted people to have a good idea of what I believe the Bible says concerning how to deal with conflict and how to help others in conflict before talking about the things I can offer.

Obviously, the first thing I can offer is my availability to counsel people who are in conflict. That can be done by e-mail or phone. However, if it is by phone, it does need to be on your nickel as our employment at this time barely meets our needs.

And if you call, I would really love it if you would have another close friend — someone you respect in the Lord — on the line so that we might limit double-mindedness and so that you might have someone to carry on daily when I am not available.

Monday is always a bad day for me, for I teach criminal justice studies at a local college. Tuesday nights and all day Sunday are also not available. Otherwise, I am normally at home.

Understand that while I can give you insights into basic principles of law, and of how the legal process generally work — all of which is readily available in a library — I cannot give you legal advice. Legal advice takes your situation and relates it into the specific laws of your jurisdiction. To do that is to practice law. Not being licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction other than the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Court, I cannot give such explicit advice.

A second way I help is with churches or organizations which are in conflict. For some explanation of that, see
How We Seek To Help Churches In Conflict.

Another service which I offer is teaching in various settings: seminars at churches, and utilizing Christian colleges or seminaries to benefit a wider community. For some information on these options, see
Why A "Learning To Live At Peace" Seminar and A Proposal For Colleges and Seminaries.
    William D. “Bill” Bontrager
January, 2002